Friday, September 18, 2020

The Sexual Depravity of Islam

For this article I am going to list three ways that the prophet Muhammad or the relgion of Islam demonstrates is sexual perversion. Now I won't be discussing things such as Mutah (temporary marriage/prostitution), the fact that Muhammad slept with 9 year old Aisha, or the fact that Islam endorses polygamy as these are discussed in my main critique of Islam article. Instead I will be covering information that I previously havn't wrote about before. WARNING: this article shouldn't be read by anyone under 18 due to some sexually graphic language. I apologize in advance for the explicit language that is contained in this article but is needed to make a point.  With that stated let's begin.

Friday, September 4, 2020

Why Capitalism is Unbiblical

In this article I am going to show as to why I believe that Capitalism is not the biblical economic modal. Before anyone assumes that just because I am against capitalism that I must be for Communism/Socialism let me just direct you to my anti-Socialism article here. My point is there are other economic modals other than Socialism or Capitalism. For this article I am going to be covering about thirty biblical arguments as to why Capitalism should be abandoned for the biblical modal of economics. Let's get started.

Friday, August 21, 2020

A History Lesson On America's Economy

Hello everyone and welcome to today's article. For this post I will be covering some history regarding the economy in America. The subject matter will be primarily about how the moneychangers control the wealth of America as well as other countries worldwide. Let's delve into it shall we.

Friday, August 7, 2020

An In Depth Look at the The Word of God (updated)

For today's post I think that it'll be nice to cover some very important things that the bible tells us about itself or rather what God says about his word. So why is this subject so important I'll just list two reasons, for one Jesus is the foundation of our faith and wise people who hear his word and does it are likened to those who build their houses on a rock which is a firm foundation (Psa 11:3, Mat 7:24-5,  Luk 6:47-48, 1 Cor 3:11, Eph 2:20), how can we do what he says if we don't know what he said? Second the bible tells us that God has magnified his word even above his name (Psa 138:2). How are those for good reasons? Since this is such a vital topic we will be going over ten categories on this subject and including well over a hundred bible verses.

Friday, July 31, 2020

Have the Spiritual Gifts Ceased?

Hello viewers, I hope that your day is going well and thanks for stopping by. In today's article we are going to be talking about the gifts of the Spirit of God and be addressing the verses and arguments for the two main camps in this issue on whether they have ceased. Before we begin I want the reader to please understand that just because we may disagree on this issue It doesn't mean either of us is lost. It is not a salvific issue. I will try and keep this article reasonably short and thusly it will only contain three sections. Which are 1. Introduction, 2. Why people believe in Cessationalism, and 3. Why I believe Continuationism is true.

Friday, July 24, 2020

Islam: Anti-Science, Anti-Logic

Hello everyone, I hope that your day is going well. For today's article I thought that I'd cover a few problems that I've encountered concerning the Islamic faith. In this short article I will be covering only four of them, and here they are.

Friday, July 17, 2020

What Did The Ancient Mayan's Believe?

In today's post we will be covering a few aspects of the Mayan religion and compare those traditions with what the bible teaches.