Bible Contradictions?

The following are selected supposed Bible Contradictions from the website
(Note i highly advise not visiting this site on your computer because my laptop wouldn't let me on it warning me my Info might not be safe, so i used my cellphone to visit the site). My explanations which are fallible are in bold.
I am Just assuming the bible Ch. and Verses are correct as well as the text.
I didn't copy and paste from the site but typed it so it might be worded a little differently that the site.

1. (4) Heaven was / was not prepared for believers during Creation.
Mat 25:34, John 14:2
Perhaps Mat was describing it being planned and reserved from the foundation of the world whereas in John Jesus goes and actually prepares the place. 
2. (5) Heaven and Earth were created in three days / one day.
Gen 1:6-13, Gen 2:4
Back in my day we had to walk to school, day doesn't always mean 24 hrs.

3. (7) The earth is set upon pillars/ foundations/ waters/ nothing.
1 sam 2:8, Psa 104:1, Psa 24:2, Job 26:7
Psa 24 is talking about the ground, Job is talking about the whole Planet
You are taking Samuel and Psa 104:1 too literally. see also

4. (12) Man was made in/acquired God's Image
Gen 1:27, 3:22
Gen 3:22 was talking about the mind NOT appearance, read context.

5. (13) God's Image is Male/ Male and Female.
Gen 9:6, 1:27
1 Corinthians 11:7, note also the semi colon on Gen 1:27, God's image is male.

6. (15) Mans life comes from the breath / blood.
Gen 2:7, Deut 12:23
You need both

7. (16) Man is / is not preeminent among creatures.
Gen 1:26, Ecc 3:19
the latter was in the context of Death

8. (17) Man may eat no/some/any animals.
Gen 1:29, Deut 14:7, Mar 7:18
It depends on WHEN you lived in history.

9. (20) God made man upright/sinful.
Ecc 7:29, Psa 51:5
1. A calvinist might say God originally made man (adam) upright, but since adam sinned we have acquired a "sin" nature
2. if your not a Calvinist you could point out that Psa 51:5 was referring to the mother and not the child.

10. (23) There were only/more than 3 people in the world when God marked Cain.
Gen 4:1-8, Gen 4:14-15
It shall come to pass means in the FUTURE.

11. (24) Cain will wither / thrived after leaving the presence of the Lord.
Gen 4:12, 4:17
People back then Lived nearly a Thousand years, not to mention it's not like Cain had to save up a bunch of Cash to buy a piece of Land, he was one of the first people on earth. But Just because he had land to build a city it doesn't mean God would bless his Crop or that future Generations might seek to avenge Abel. Why couldn't he have become a Vagabond centuries after he built the city.

12. (29) Water poured over the earth from above only / and below.
Gen 7:4, 8:2
Gen 7:4 doesn't say only, read 7:11-12.

13. (30) The ark came to rest after 148 / 219 or more days.
Gen 8:4, Gen 8:5
8:5 was talking about the waters continuing to drain after the ark had landed.

14. (31) The flood lasted 40 / 150 days.
Gen 7:17, 7:24
It Rained 40 days but the flood itself was longer than that. 7:4

15. (32) the Earth dried on 1st day of 1st month / 27th day 2nd month.
Gen 8:13, 8:14
The standing water was dried up on month 1 day 1 and the earth dried out on month 2 day 27. Just because the standing water had dried it doesn't mean the earth itself was dry, it was soggy from all the water and took time to dry.

16. (34) Cain's decendants were / were not killed by the flood.
Gen 7:23, Gen 15:18-19
Your assuming 2 things 1st that none of Noah's daughter in laws were decedents of Cain and 2 the kenite were descendants of Cain.

17. (37) Methuselah did not / did survive the flood.
Gen 7:23, (Gen 5:25 -29, 7:11)
1. you state on your site that the flood started when Moses was 599 years, 1 Month and 17 days old, How did you come to that conclusion when the text plainly says the six hundredth year. 2. Even assuming You are correct on that point, If we don't know the exact month Methuselah was born in you cannot determine if he was 968 or 969 because I for example Was 30 in Feb 2017 but 31 in March of that same year.

18. (38) Speaking in foreign tongues is a curse / blessing
Gen 11:6, Act 2:4
Was a curse to the people at the tower of babel because they wanted to be united but a blessing to Christians because it helps us spread the Gospel.

19. (39) Abraham departed for  Canaan / an unknown destination.
Gen 12:5, Heb 11:8
Just because y'know the name of the place your at doesn't mean your familiar with the territory.

20. (40) Abraham did / did not set foot in Canaan.
Gen 13:18, Act 7:4 -5
read the rest of Act 7:5

21. (42) The city was called Dan / Laish in the time of Abram.
Gen 14:14, Judg 18:29
The writer of Gen -Deut (supposedly Moses) was Just referring to what it was called at the time he was writing it.

22. (45) Two Angels / God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah.
Gen 19:1, 19:24
They both could have destroyed it.

23. (47) Sarah did / didn't have faith she would conceive in old age
Heb 11:11, Gen 18:10
Just because she doubted that very moment doesn't mean she didn't have faith later.

24. (48) Abraham did / did not needs God's help to have kids in his old age.
Gen 21:2, 25:1-2
Sarah was the one who was Barren not Abraham.

25. (49) Ishmael was a child / 14 when Abraham abandoned him.
Gen 21:14 -15, 17:24-26
People lived longer back then, they probably didn't hit puberty till much later.

26. (51) Abraham did / did not ask God to spare the Innocent.
Gen 18:20-23, 22:2-10
These are two different incidences.

27. (54) Keturah was Abrahams wife / Concubine
Gen 25:1, 1Chr 1:32
1. According to wikepedia She was both, wiki says he married her after Sarah died.
2. Another possibility is that they were used interchangeable during the times of Genesis, examples would be Hagar 16:3, 25:6  and Bilhah 30:4, 35:22, 37:2.

28. (56) There were 11 / 12 /13 tribes of Israel
There were originally 12 tribes but Joseph got a double portion. 

29. (57) Jacob got the birthright by purchase / deception.
Gen 25:31, 27:18
It was the blessing that was by deception not the birthright.

30. (58) Jacob's errand was to escape Esau's anger / get a wife.
Gen 27:42 -44, 28:2
why couldn't it be both?

31. (59) Esau's wife included Judith/ Mahalath/ Adah/Aholibamah
Gen 26:34, 28:9, 36:2
Polygamy, people can have more than one wife or name.

32. (60) Jacob did / did not Give Bethel it's name.
Gen 28:19, Gen 12:8
I already addressed a similar contradiction above.

33. (65)  Joseph was / was not bound while in prison
Gen 39:20, 39:21 -22
when he first got there he was bound but later wasn't, or maybe he could do his duties bound.

34. (66) Jacobs family had 70 / 75 members when they came to Egypt.
Gen 46:27, Act 7:14
See also Exo 1:5, and Deut 10:22. There are several possible explanations for this some people will say that Stephen was quoting the Septuagint, some will say Stephen made a mistake and Luke recorded it, but i think it was neither. The difference in the two numbers can be explained by it depends who you are including in the list of people who went down to Egypt.

34. (67) Benjamin was a child / father when his clan migrated to Egypt.
Gen 44:20, 46:21
It was Benjamin's brothers that called him a child / little one / lad. They could have been exaggerating his youthfulness so that they wouldn't have to bring him on the next trip since they didn't think Jacob would let him go.
Another reason they could have used that terminology is because he was the youngest aka the "baby" brother. Yet another Explanation i have heard is that Benjamin's offspring were counted as going down to  Egypt even though they had not been born yet. I think It's called Prolepsis.

36. (68) Jospeh's brothers found the hidden money at home / an inn
Gen 42:27, 42:29
At the inn first but they also shewed it to their father.

37. (69) Zebulun's territory did / did not reach unto the sea.
Gen 49:13, Josh 19:11
There are several explainations for this to see them check out the link below.

38. (70) Jacob's last act was to ask for burial with is fathers / bless Joseph's sons.
Gen 47:29-31, Heb 11:21
He did both before he died, read ch. 48.

39. (71) Jacob died leaning upon the head of the bed / top of his staff.
 He did both See Gen 49:33

40. (72) Jacob was to be brought out of / died in Egypt.
Gen 46: 2 -4, 50:6

41. (76) The Israelites were many / few in Egypt.
Exo 1:8 -9, Deut 7:7
Human Population grows, few becomes many.

42. (78) Moses' wife was Midianite / Ethiopian.
Exo 2:16 -21, Num 12:1
He had 2 Wives.

43. (80) Moses was / wasn't eloquent.
Act 7:22, Exo 4:10
Could mighty in words mean he had Authority.

44. (81) The Israelites did / did not listen to moses
Exo 4:31, 6:9
To see why they did in 4:31 and didn't in 6:9 all you have to do is read the context. Read all of Chapter 5 and the whole verse of 6:9. 

45. (82) Aaron / the Lord / Pharaoh hardened Pharoh's heart.
Exo 7:11-13, 10:20, 8:15
The Lord can Harden your heart and you can also harden your own heart.

46. (83)  He Mistakes the frost in Psa 78:47 as a separate plague than the hail. He doesn't understand the evil Angels Psa 78:49 could have been the ones to carry out the 10 plagues. He thinks there are 12 Plagues.

47. (87) The Israel sojourn in Egypt was 400 / 430 /  less than 350 years.
Act 7:6, Exo 12:40 -41, (Gen 46:11, Exo 6:18, 6:20, 7:7).
Acts is saying they will be treated badly for 400 years but Exodus is saying they will sojourn there 430 years so 30 years they weren't oppressed.
The following website says that the countdown started when Ishmael mocked Isaac. see (Gen 12:2, 15:13, 21:9, Act 7:6, Gal 4:29) and that the promise wasn't made to Jacob but to Abraham, so the nation of Israel may be named after Jacob but started with Abraham.

48. (89) God used Moses/ wind/ nothing else to part the Read sea.
Exo 14:15, 14:21, Nehe 9:11
Just because Nehemiah doesn't mention God using Moses/wind doesn't mean he didn't

49. (90) The Israelites had no / some water after leaving Egypt.
Exo 15:22, 19:14
You are taking verses out of contexts read 15:23 - 27

50. (92) The Israelites condition in the desert was / was not comfortable.
Deu 2:7, 32:13, Exo 16:2, 16:8, Num 11:4-6
The Lord provided them enough food to eat, he rained bread from heaven and their Garments didn't wax old. In spite of this you will find in the verses you give the people murmured and fell a lusting. Exo 16:4, Deut 8:4

51. (93) God will / will not accompany the Israelites.
Exo 33:14, 33:2-3
I liked the explanation the following site suggest. God was saying he wouldn't Go with the Israelites in verse 3 as a sort of test to see if they Loved him or if they were satisfied with the arrangement of God giving them the promise land but his presence would not be with them. If you read the context the people mourn and strip themselves of their ornaments, we find out Moses ask God if he would go with them So God decides to Go. by the Same erroneous logic you could Say Jonah 3:4 and 3:10 is a contradiction. 
Because God Said he would overthrow Nineveh but chose not to.

52. (95) The Lord's tabernacle was / was not made before the first day of the first month.
Exo 33:7, Exo 40:2
Couldn't it have been pitched more than once.

53. (100) God will / Moses did write the second set of ten commandments
Exo 34:1, 34:27
Just because God says he is going to do something it doesn't necessarily mean personally.

54. (101) The israelites knew / did not know the 10 Commandments.
Exo 20, Num 15:32 -34, Lev 24:11- 16
Maybe they didn't know that picking up sticks was considered working.
Maybe they didn't know the Punishment for blasphemy yet.

55. (102) Moses did / did not wear a veil when addressing the people.
2 Cor 3:13, Exo 34:35
He did Both see Exo 34: 33 -35

56. (103) The men of the Exodus were / were not alive 38 years later.
Deu 5:3, 2:14
Your assuming the people Moses is addressing in 5:3 are the men of war of 2:14.

57. (104) Bezaleel / Moses made the ark of the covenant
Exo 37:1, Deu 10:1 -5
Both got credit for making it

58. (105) Moses was / wasn't meek
Num 12:3, 31:14-18
Meek doesn't mean never gets angry, those women were a snare. see 31:15-16.

59. (106) Korah and his men were swallowed by the earth / consumed by fire.
Num 16:31, 16:35
Both, the ones burnt by fire were the 250 who offered incense.

60. - 61. (108 - 109)  Color of manna was white / brown.
Taste like honey wafers or fresh oil.
Exo 16:31, Num 11:7-8
One describing Before and another after it was cooked.

62. (110) the testimony was given before / after the manna was put next to it.
Exo 16:33 -34, 25:16, 40:20
Before doesn't always mean before it time. aka you shall not come before my face.

63. (111) God told moses to smite / speak to the rock to get water.
Exo 17:5-6, Num 20:7-8

64. (112) Moses got water from the Rock in Rephidim / Kadesh
Exo 17:1-7, Num 20:1-13
It happened Twice. once in the wilderness of Sin and once in  the Desert of Zin.

65. (116) Moses did / did not write the Pentateuch
2 Chr 33:8, Nehe 9:14, ( Gen 36:31, 37:1, Deu 34:5-8)
He did, just because Deut 34 records his death it doesn't mean God couldn't have used Moses to pen this chapter. God can easily have revealed the future to him.  And even if that wasn't the case and Joshua or another penned the last chapter of Deuteronomy it wasn't at all an uncommon practice for someone to write an obituary to the end of a work of a great man.This would be similar to the practice of one author writing the preface to the work of another author.

66. (117) Judges for the people  was Moses / Jethro's idea.
Deu 1:9 -18, Exo 18:12 -24
Deuteronomy doesn't say it was Moses who first came up with the idea.

67. (118) Judges were chosen by Moses / the people.
Exo 18:25, Deu 1:13
Both are correct as indicated two verses later 1:15. The people had chosen their leaders and Moses appointed these as their Judges. so it is Proper to say either one did.

68. (119) The tax was one half / one third of a shekel.
Exo 30:13, Nehe 10:32
Taxes change over time.

69. (121) The ark of the covenant held the tables only / plus the golden pot and Aarons rod.
1 Kin 8:9, Heb 9:4
At one point in time it held the tables only.

70. (122) Moses was denied the  promises land because he disobeyed God / the Israelite would not fight.
Num 20:12, 14:22 -23, Deu 4:21
I don't think those verses in Num 14 you mentioned were talking about Moses Read Deut 32:51, Psa 106:32 -33 to find out why He wasn't allowed to go over.

71. (124) Moses was / was not infirm.
Deu 31:2, 34:7
I Think in Deut 31 Moses was simply saying it was his time to die not that he was infirm. That's just my Opinion.

71. (125) Aaron died in Mosera / on Mount Hor.
Deu 10:6, Num 33:39
Places can have multiple names, perhaps one was the region or the Area while the other was the Exact location.

73. -74. (128 - 129) The Israelites did / did not pass through Edom on their journey. The Moabites did / did not aid the Israelites
Deu 2:28-29, Num 20:18 -21
This site offers at least 2 reasonable answers, which were they either refused at first but later they became afraid and let them pass through or they didn't pass through but  Moab did sell them the provisions they needed on the border and Israel pass by the border. See Deut 2:4, Judg 11:14 -18

75. (131) A Moabite shall not / did enter the congregation of the lord.
Deu 23:3, Ruth 1:4, 4:17
According the the following website, in the jewish culture a child is considered the offspring of it's father and not the child of it's mother in which case Obed would be an Israelite not a Moabite.

76. (132) The Israelites were / were not invincible
Deu 11:25, Jos 7:4
It depended on their Obedience to the Lord.

77. (134) The Levites suburbs were to be 1000, 2000 cubits square.
Num 35:4, 35:5
I think it means 1000 inside the city and 2000 outside.

78. (137) Joshua took 30 thousand / 5000 men for an ambush against AI.
Josh 8:3, 8:12
Why couldn't there have been 2 ambushes?

79. (138) The City of AI was / was not destroyed.
Josh 8:28, Ezr 2:28
It was destroyed and a desolation unto this day. This day was referring to the time of the writing. 

80. (139) Joshua's twelve stones were / were not removed from the Jordan.
Jos 4:20, 4:9
According to the following website there was 2 different sets of stones which makes sense to me, you should read the entire chapter especially verse 8 to get the contexts.

81. (140) Gibeonites were Hivites / Amorites.
Jos 11:19, 2 Sam 21:2

82. (142) Joshua / Othniel captured Debir
Josh 10:38, Judg 1:11-13
Maybe they rebuilt the city then Othniel captured it again.

83. (144) The Canaanites were spared to test israel's faith / teach them war.
Judg 2:21 -22, 3:4, 3:1-2

84. (145) Joshua / Caleb drove the Anakim from Hebron.
Josh 11:21, 15:13 -15
Both. Joshua is accredited doing it because he is the Leader. You are acting like only one man drove out the enemy by himself.

85. (146) King Jabin was killed by Joshua / 120 years after Joshua's  death
Josh 11:1, Judg 1:1, 3:11, 3:30, 4:2, 4:24
There were 2 King Jabins.

86. (149) Anak's sons were slain by Judah / expelled by Caleb.
Jud 1:10, 1:20, Josh 15:14
Both, first they were expelled by Caleb then slain by Judah. Judges just didn't list the events in chronological order.

87. (153) The Israelites did / did not practice idolatry.
Josh 24:14, 24:23, 22:2 Judg 2:7
This answer is more of a guess or speculation but i think Joshua in Ch 24 was admonishing the children of Israel not to commit Idolatry. Not that they have already done so but a future warning. verse 23 i think is talking about the strange gods of the land wither they are going to possess, also notice in verse 14 it says that their father served those gods so it doesn't seem to me that he was accusing them of doing so. see also verse 16.

88. (156) Samuel's firstborn son was Joel / Vashni.
1Sam 8:1-2, 1 chr 6:28
Could it be talking about another Samuel?
Maybe Joel had 2 names.

89. (158) The Philistines were / were not subdued all the days of Samul.
1 Sam 7:13, 13:5
Go and Read 1 Sam 7:13 Again, it does not say that the Philistines were subdued or did not enter the land all the days of Samuel. The first part of the verse was referring to what just happened in verses 10 and 11.

90. -92. (159 -161) Saul asked Jesse / Abner to bring david to him. Saul did / did not know who david was. Saul met David before / after david killed Goliath.
 The first question was two different occasions. Saul probably forgot who davids father was so he asked who son is he. He first met him before david killed goliath and after as well.

93. (166) David paid saul 100 / 200 foreskins for Michal.
2 Sam 3:14, 1 Sam 18:27
1 Sam 18:25 he only needed 100 but he killed 200 men.

94. (169) Saul was killed by himself / an Amalekite/ the Philistines/ the LORD.
1 Sam 31:3-4, 2 Sam 1:6-10, 21:12, 1 Chro 10:13 -14
The Lord planned his death during the battle with the philistines. The Latter wounded him and saul fell on his sword and died. The amalekite either finished saul off when he was dying or made up the fact that he killed Saul.

95. (172) David was fearful of / friendly with Achish.
1 Sam 21:12, 27:3, 29:6
At first he was afraid but later became allies with him.

96. (173) David's chief captains ( the three mighties) included Joab / Adino.
1 Chr 11:6 -11, 2 Sam 23:8-9
People can have more than one name.

97. (175) David brought the ark of the covenant to Obededom's house before / after defeating the Philistines.
1 Chro 13:6-7, 13:13, 14:16, 2 Sam 5:25, 6:3, 6:10
problem comes from a superficial reading of the text in 2 Sam. and assuming that the Textual order is the Chronological order and implies one thing when the text in 1 Chron shows more clearly the sequence of events.

98. (176) Obededom was a Gittite / Levite.
2 Sam 6:10, 1 Chro 15:17-18
The american tract society dictionary defines a Gittite as an inhabitant of Gath it has nothing to do with you nationality or tribal affiliation.

99. (177) The ark of the Covenant was at Abinadab's house 20 / more than 47 years.
1 Sam 7:1-2, 10:24, Act 13:21, 2 Sam 5:4 -7, 6:2 -3
the 20 years refer to the time between verses 1-3, nowhere in chapter 7 does it say the ark was moved at that point in time or who moved it or where it was supposedly moved to.

100. (178) David went to Jerusalem before or after he took Zion by force.
1 Sam 17:54 -55, 2 Sam 5:4 -7

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